Restylane is a dermal filler that is most often used to combat the visible signs of aging. It is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel designed to fill in fine lines and wrinkles in the face by adding volume and fullness. Restylane is also commonly used in lip injections to plump up lips to give a fuller appearance. What really sets it apart from other dermal fillers is that it is a natural, synthesized and fully degradable substance, and does not require an allergy testing prior to treatment.

Restylane is used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. It works by filling in lines and wrinkles, which adds volume back to the face. When injected into the treatment area, Restylane works with the body’s own hyaluronic acid to create additional volume in the desired area. So not only does the gel itself fill in lines and wrinkles, it works with the body’s natural hyaluronic acid to provide a more natural appearance. In addition to filling wrinkles, Restylane is used for lip enhancement injections. Restylane is commonly used to treat the following areas:

  • Nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
  • Around the mouth (marionette lines)
  • Lip border definition (lipstick lines)
  • Lip enhancement
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Jowl area


How Does RestyLane Injected?

Restylane is injected directly into the skin in the area that you what to be treated. Once Restylane is placed in the face, the skin becomes much more smooth and facial lines are minimized. The added volume and smooth texture give your face a healthy, youthful appearance. The Restylane injections work immediately by adding volume to diminish unwanted wrinkles.
A very fine needle is used to minimize pain and discomfort. A topical numbing cream can be used to further reduce pain if necessary.

What Is Perlane?

Like Restylane, Perlane is a hyaluronic acid gel formula that is used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. However, Perlane differs from Restylane because the gel particles in the Perlane are larger than those in Restylane. These larger particles are more effective at treating deeper wrinkles and folds. Often times, Perlane injections are used as a “base” filler, and the less dense fillers like Restylane or Juvederm are placed on top.



Having a Restylane injection is a very common procedure and Dr. Patricia Groleau frequently sees patients that can benefit from Restylane. The following are some frequently asked questions and our responses:

How does Restylane work?

Restylane is made of natural hyaluronic acid and is used to fill in facial wrinkles and folds to restore a youthful appearance. Restylane for lips is also a common procedure.

How long does a Restylane injection take?

It’s a quick procedure done here in our Lancaster cosmetic dermatology office, taking only 5-30 minutes, depending on the amount of areas being treated.

When will I see the results of the Restylane injections?

The results of a Restylane treatment are visible immediately after the procedure. However, you may experience some swelling from the injections, so expect to see the full results within a few days, once the swelling has subsided.

How much downtime should I plan for after Restylane injections?

There is minimal social downtime after a Restylane treatment. While you may have some swelling, numbness or redness around the injection site, it should go away within a few hours of your treatment. You can return to your normal activities as soon as you feel comfortable with the way you look.

Are Restylane injections painful?

You will experience slight discomfort as a fine needle is used. Restylane contains numbing agents, but a topical anesthetic or numbing cream can be used along with ice. Most patients report that the injections are not painful at all and only experience slight discomfort.

How long does Restylane last?

Restylane injections for file lines and wrinkles generally last up to 12 months. You can expect Restylane lip injections to last approximately 6 months.

What are the side effects of Restylane?

Restylane side effects are generally very minimal. Some patients have experienced some swelling, redness, bruising or tenderness around the injection site, but these symptoms clear up on their own within a few days.

How much does Restylane cost?

The cost of Restylane treatments varies from patient to patient. Cost will depend on how many areas you are having treated and how much Restylane is needed to achieve the desired results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Patricia Groleau and she can assess your needs and provide you with your personal cost.

Can Restylane be used with Botox?

Yes. By combing Restylane with Botox or Dysport, patients will experience even better results. The Botox or Dysport works to prevent new wrinkles from forming, while the Restylane will fill in the wrinkles that you already have. Studies have shown that combining the two can prolong the results of the treatment.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Young skin appears smooth and healthy because it contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic the body produces decreases and our skin starts to wrinkle and sag. With Restylane injections, we are able to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid and restore a youthful appearance back to the face.